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Thursday, April 25, 2013

College Celebration Day

Far too many of our young our lost before they even begin to think about secondary education. We must, as a nation, encourage students, especially students of color, to attend college. These efforts must start early.

That is why I was so proud to be involved in the College Celebration Day at Southern Connecticut State College. New Haven Public Schools co-sponsored the event.

Throughout the day the students saw our ambassadors lead a cheer, the drumline perform, heard from Dean's about our programs, and then I led them in an activity on the top ten reasons to go to college.

This of course can not be a one off event. SCSU will be following these 392 7th graders until they graduate. Sports teams and college clubs serve as mentors to the students. We have also recruited and trained a cadre of tutors who work with literacy and math coaches, teachers, and students. College, for these student, cannot be seen as a choice. It must be the next natural step.

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